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Hersteller von Steckdosen und Schaltern


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Karlik Elektrotechnik Sp. z o. o. company has been a Polish manufacturer of electrical equipment (sockets and switches) for over 40 years. The company and the production is located in the western part of Poland near the city of Poznan and the A2 highway. Our company is considered one of the leading and reliable Polish manufacturers - primarily for good quality, design and customer service. 

Let me invite you to our website www.karlik.pl and our fan page on Facebook https://pl-pl.facebook.com/KarlikElektrotechnik/,  you can find there our full range of production, technical specifications and certificates.

Our product offers excellent quality - we use only the highest quality materials, such as ASA plastic, which guarantee our partner highest quality and that our white product will never turn yellow due to light.

Our product is produced entirely by ourselves, including all elements from plastic and metal. Due to this, we have no complaints - our complaints are at the level of 0.013%

I would like to introduce our three top sells series:

-DECO, this series offers over 50 color options and a combination of colors with frames. In addition to standard frames, in this series you will find frames made from natural materials such as wood, glass, concrete.

-MINI - a novelty that refers to the style of minimalism. In this seria we use the most sales and most popular colors form Deco seria. 

-JUNIOR - series for industrial and utility rooms, with IP54 protection.


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